February 06, 2014

Mathematical Magic!

Thanks to a teacher from TN (Ansley), I now have ANOTHER awesome game to add to my toolbox and so will you!  Here are the directions (the gist).  I'm hoping this link will take you to a video of the game ( Magic 10 Video ).
1)  Remove the jokers.  Have someone pic a "mystery card".  This mystery card cannot be an ace or a facecard.
2)  Deal out 11 cards face up.
3)  Begin making bonds of 10 by covering two cards at a time.  10s and facecards are an exception and get covered as 10s without a pair.
4)  When all cards have been used, pick up piles that make a bond of ten.  There should be one pile left.  It will bond with the mystery card--you'll know the mystery card by seeing the last pile and how it bonds with 10.
Wow!  It's Math magic!!

1 comment:

  1. Do you mind if we download the video and use it for our "Flipped Classroom"? BTW - my kids are playing it right now - they are addicted! Thanks for the great game!