December 17, 2013

The Nerdy Notebook

Over the years, I have fine tuned a system for tracking my lesson plans (from when I was teaching) to do lists, my notes from meetings and conferences, phone calls, and upcoming/parking lot type of thoughts.  Friends and colleagues fondly refer to (and now so do I) as the "Nerdy Notebook."  Every year, I spend time decorating the cover to remind me why I work so hard (good quotes, pictures of loved ones, etc.) and then I begin to add content.  This is a place I "noodle" (notetake + doodle = noodle) and think on paper.  I tab important information by using two sticky dots on either side of the paper to create a cheap and easy tab and I refer back to these notes often!  You won't see me very many places without this essential documentation and organizational tool.

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