December 14, 2013

Keep it Simple Silly (KISS)

How do you keep it simple in these frantic educational times?  I ask this question of myself daily and have come up with some strategies.  1)  Does it matter to kids--will they learn something academically, socially, or emotionally, as result of your spending time and energy on it?  If so, then get on it right away.  2)  Is it a realistic expectation?  If so, add it to the to do list and work on it.  3)  If it's not realistic, can you ask for help?  Asking for help is so hard, but we can't do it alone, especially with all that's on our educational plates (not to mention the other parts of our life).  4) What's a timeframe that makes sense?  You can't get it all done TODAY.  There are, as we know, only 24 hours in any given day.  What CAN you do today, and what COULD be carried over to tomorrow.  I keep what I refer to as my "nerdy notebook" (pictures later).  This one tool helps me keep my life in order (educationally and personally).  One place shopping for all I need to do and be.  Consider online forms of this like my friend and principal Natalie uses (like Evernote).  Whatever you use, make it a system that KISS and uses some gut level questions to determine what goes into that system so that stuff actually can come out in the form of "I did it" and it's "off my list."

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