December 19, 2013

Success Breeds Success

Wow!  When a student feels success, don't you too!?  Yesterday, in my buddy classroom, a formerly reluctant Math student was overjoyed to say she was the first one to memorize all of her Math facts AND to receive a 3 in Math (proficient).  Previously, she was a student who'd been pulled out for remedial Math and who said on the first day I was in her class "I'm not very good at Math."  Her classroom teachers works diligently to build her confidence by doling out successful opportunities one at a time and this young Math cherub is taking it ALL in.   She writes about Math during her Writing Block, she takes Math home with her, she willingly shares her work (even if it's not quite right, but her thinking is good), and she's thrilled to reach goals she sets for herself (like mastering those multiplication facts).  What are you doing to provide a Math environment where "success breeds success?"

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